Manfred and Cher Yu

In 2012, on the recommendation of a friend, we used Greg and Heather to buy a home in San Mateo having previously sold our house in SF. In early 2015, we were considering moving to a better neighborhood while interest rates were still low and shared our thoughts with Greg. Through their network, they were able to source an unsolicited pre-emptive “as-is” offer that ultimately hit our “make us move” price, which was significantly above the local comps. So we sold our house … no repairs, no staging, no hassles … and proceeded to rent as we searched for a new house to buy.

We were a bit concerned because we did not want to “chase” the hot seller’s market at the time, although we had priced the sale of our previous house to be able to weather a rising supply-constrained market. Over the course of four months, we attended open houses almost every weekend and narrowed our search to three neighborhoods on the Peninsula. Greg was always very helpful providing color on the various neighborhoods, and advance scouted many locations for us. He had a great sense of what we we liked and didn’t like, which is no easy task as we are very particular. We put in competitive but not aggressive offers on five to six properties that we “liked” but didn’t “love” in order to feel out the bidding process and dynamics of the market, during which time Greg proved to be amazingly accurate in predicting what various properties should sell for.

Ultimately, we found a property that we “loved” in San Mateo Park and I was surprised that Greg thought it should go for at or around asking price, given that the local comps had gone for a significantly higher price per square foot. But the market had cooled a bit and the layout was not optimal for families with children (which did not bother us) … so we put in an offer for a bit above asking price based upon Greg’s advice. As it turned out, we were neck-and-neck with one other bidder and the seller ultimately chose us because the listing agent had a very favorable opinion of Greg from previous deals, and we presented a more complete offer (other bidder’s agent had not completed a visual inspection).

So we ended up buying the house we wanted in the neighborhood we wanted. And if it hadn’t been for Greg’s accurate assessment of pricing, we probably never would have bid on the house in the first place because the comps would have priced it out of our budget. So a great outcome all around! I would definitely recommend Greg and Heather for their professionalism, easy going nature, local knowledge, great advice, and ability to read their client’s preferences.

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