Kristin Gansheimer

I first worked briefly with Heather when I bought my first house 12 years ago, she was working with my agent who went on vacation as we were closing…. ugh. Needless to say we didn’t use that agent again.

When it came time to list that house, we immediately contacted Greg & Heather. Here’s why we used them as the listing agent:

1. Years ago when I first met Heather, I was impressed with how well she carries herself. She always looks great, she’s smart and good with people.
2. She knows the area super well.
3. She’s honest.
4. She was considerate of us having a dog. This was huge, we needed someone who could deal with our 130 lb Great Dane with consideration and kindness. We were able to sell our house without ever leaving our dog in the backyard.

Through her I was able to get to know Greg better too and he has those same traits.

Here’s why I bought with them:

1. They are extremely knowledgeable about the areas we were searching.
2. They took the time to understand our needs and wants.
3. They found suggestions that I wouldn’t have considered.
4. They had my best interests at heart.

When I was looking, I was separated but not yet divorced and I was panicked. I was considering looking in East Bay, even though my job and friends are on the peninsula. Heather took me over there to see houses. Then I started insisting on looking at cheap houses in San Mateo and East Menlo in not so nice neighborhoods, Heather was not excited about me living in any of those locations but she indulged me to a point.

Not often do I get “tricked” but I was 100% anti townhouse. Heather took me to look at a house in my price range, then took me to the place I now call home which is a townhouse. She understood my situation better than I did at the time. She was removing lawn mowing, and house repair from my plate and putting me in a good neighborhood. I would have been living in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom dump in a bad neighborhood had she not steered me in the right direction. Instead I’m living in the most lovely gated community in a safe neighborhood with the kind of neighbors who I’d borrow an egg from or ask to feed my dog and I have a half bath downstairs for guests!

Here’s the other part, you hire them and you get two people who complement each other extraordinarily. I was able to depend on these two as a team to cover all angles. They made my life easier and helped me make a great decision in a rough time.

As a testament to how much we like them, my ex-husband used them to buy his new house too. I can’t imagine using anyone else.

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